What Our Patients Say

One of the major complaints about drugs is side effects. Drugs suppress symptoms; they don’t heal the body. Being medicated is not the same as being healthy. Physicians are not trained in nutrition but even if you are on medication that you don’t want to be on, there may be help for you! Specific nutrition gets specific results and with a complete Nutrition Response Testing analysis, we are able to determine the exact cause of your symptoms and with your physician’s assistance, may even be able to get you off your medication. We are routinely able to help people lower their cholesterol, lose weight, clear their sinuses, headaches and much, much more!

I was sick all the time and frustrated because I thought I was doing everything right–exercise and what I thought was healthy eating!. My digestion was always a problem. I was uncomfortable all the time which led to really unpleasant moods with affected my relationships. After only a month, I feel amazing! It was hard at first, but I’m slowly building better habits and have a greater understanding of what is actually good for me.
G.G., Brooklyn

My weight went up and wouldn’t budge.  I had migraines, strong PMS, hair loss and low energy.  I don’t get migraines at all anymore, my PMS symptoms and hair loss have lessened and I am 7 lbs lighter!

L.D., Brooklyn

I was always feeling anxious, tense, tired. I didn’t look very healthy and had stomach pains.  Now I am energetic, cheerful, able to better take care of goals and necessities.  I look a lot better and feel all around healthy and balanced.


I was more or less incapacitated.  My day-to-day routine revolved around whether or not my stomach was upset.  I have more energy now, constant good moods.  I sleep better and my stomach rarely bothers me.  I am a different person now and I am so thankful for it!


I didn’t have any major health issues but I was moody and so was my digestion.  Diane put me in touch with the Type O diet and with a Nutrition Response Testing program and acupuncture it’s like night and day!  My mood swings are no more…I’m “stable as a table!”  Eating red meat, the acupuncture sessions (not to mention being in Diane’s healing presence) have been no less than magical.  I am eternally grateful!


I was having a hard time with my digestion.  My bowels were overactive and sensitive.  I was constantly going to the bathroom.  It felt like my body didn’t know what to do with the food I was eating. It’s better now.  I learned through Nutrition Response Testing about the foods that I don’t do well with.  My body feels lighter, my bowels are more normal and I feel more active.