Top 10 Reasons to Start a Nutrition Program

You may be a candidate for a custom-designed Nutrition Response Testing℠ program if:

  1. You suffer with symptoms, have been to doctor after doctor but have been unable to get a diagnosis
  2. You have a diagnosis but would like to take a natural approach and avoid drugs and/or surgery
  3. You “eat well” but still suffer with digestive and/or other physical complaints
  4. You believe that the body has the ability to heal itself
  5. You take supplements but don’t notice any difference in your health
  6. You want to change your diet but are confused by everything you read and hear from “experts”
  7. You are raising a family and want to feed them a healthy diet
  8. You are suffering from side effects of medications
  9. You are interested in being tested for heavy metal and/or chemical toxicity in your body
  10. You are addicted to sugar